20 seconds after the kickoff, Theo Walcot gave Arsenal a hard fought victory over Harry’s relegated QPR at Loftus road. Arsenal had never won at loftus road and the scoreline indicated how edge-y the game was.

A lot of chances were missed from both London sides. They both justified why they should be in their current position on the log: chasing Top4 and being relegated. I had a glimpse of Remy, did you?

Kudos must be given to Walcott who scored the record breaking fastest goal in the premeir league history. It was his 200th League appearance and Arsenal’s 100th goal of the season. Green and the post denied him from increasing his tally.

BFG and Kos continued their impressive partnership (verm vex) as they kept a clean sheet. My MOTM is the young pole at goal. The score remained 1-0 because of the reflexes of szczesny. That 3 weeks break/drop has really brought forth good fruits.

I did miss Giroud; Podolski did well enough but didnt deal well with the aerials and link-up plays. Are we even meant to play “cross and nod”? We rarely do penetrate like the bergkamp/Henry era. We are now fond of swish-swashing to the wings aiming to pull out a cross and yet Sagna has plummeted in his crossing duties, if not all duties. A corner won is a corner lost because I cant remember when we scored from one. Oh, I remember Kos in Munich. If only we had Lewandowski. Dreams.

Well, we are 3rd. Error, back to 4th. United decided to switch off as Chelsea won 1-0 at Old Trafford. That United loss was a loss to Arsenal and even spurs. Odd. We are a point behind Rafa’s Blues with Chelsea having an outstanding game against Spurs on wednesday.

Wednesday; Arsenal’s season may/should be decided on that night. A Spurs win would spell doom; A blue win makes 3rd unreachable and a draw would be dicey. How much we await wednesday, the day of reckoning.

Whatsoever the outcome may be, lets win Wigan and Newcastle. I hope we finish in the top 4; but even if we dont, the Europa League may be a wake up call and a true fan wont stop supporting.

Happy new week.

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