In my years of following the media I have learnt that they paint a picture the way they want it. So many popular stars have been victims of this media melodramatic pseudo-twist of comments that adds another dimension to a discus.

In recent times, Jack Wilshere has been on the front burner and he looks to be in a center of a row which the media had cooked up because a certain youngster scored two goals on his full club debut.

Adnan Januzaj’s eligibility has created a lot of dust and a respirator may be needed to breathe in fresh air after now. He can play for Belgium, Albania, Turkey and England if he stays till 2018 and even Kosovo, when they are recognized by UN and FIFA. FIFA abeg, we dey wait. the lad doesn’t even send.

Nevertheless, this is exactly how the interview question panned:

“Jack, there has been lots of talk over the last few days about the lad Januzaj, who is at United, in terms of playing for England in the future.

“With players like you, Ross Barkley and Ravel Morrison all coming through what would your view be about playing with foreign players with England, or even watching them from the bench?”

Wilshere responded: “No, for me if you are English you are English and you play for England.

“The only people who should play for England are English people. If you live in England for five years it doesn’t make you English.”

so judge for yourselves, was he directly asked about Adnan Januzaj? The questioner may have meant januzaj but he asked “playing with foreign players”.

Wilshere later said on Twitter: “Just to clarify a few things….again! I wasn’t referring to Janujaz…”

“The question was should foreign players be allowed to play for England, and in my opinion I don’t think they should! He is a great player…”

Judge for yourselves.

If Januzaj was a Nigerian, I wouldn’t want him to play for the Three Lions. I am happy that Victor Moses and Shola Ameobi opted for Nigeria. Gabriel Agbolanhor would be kicking himself daily for opting for England. But why did John Fashanu call Wilshere an idiot on twitter? did He play for Nigeria?

Preparing my mind for the Ethiopia encounter and the final showdown of the Glo Nigeria Premier League.

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