When Arsene Wenger listed his starting eleven for a League Cup tie, it tells you the level of importance he has ascribed to that match. I felt at ease to see the “big boys” playing Bradford City, a League 2 side. we had defeated reading miraculously 7-5 and had won 6-1

Bradford City have craved a reputation for themselves in the League Cup and FA Cup as they have progressed virtually on penalty kicks after regulation time. They had bragged and they kept their words.


The pseudo-dubious Westbrom win at Emirates on Saturday seemed like a new lunch pad to the beleaguered Arsenal season but this result from Bradford tells the real situation in Arsene’s territory.

After squandering so many chances, Arsenal gave themselves a lifeline some minutes before end of 90 minutes. Vermaleen nodded in a Cazorla cross after the Spaniard’s corner was sent back to him. Vermaleen had gifted a free kick that resulted into the Bradford lead.

The introduction of Rosicky catalyzed the revival. Everyother meaningful move involved the Czech international and Cazorla. Ramsey has been dismal all game and I still wonder why Wenger continue to play him on the wings or even feature at all. This was a game I expected Ramsey to put up an above average performance but he doesn’t deserve to wear the Red and White.

Nevertheless, Gervinho’s performance will make me spare Ramsey. I wonder what is going on with the Ivorian. He has missed and missed a lot of goals. His plays are annoying and his crossings are laughable. He tries to give you hope but at the end you would have wished he never had gotten the ball. His pace is all his got but a water-brain covered by a large forehead won’t utilize his skills well. This high time we stop calling him Gervinho but Gervias blah blah blah.

what a miss? headlessness
what a miss? headlessness

Chamberlain makes me miss Walcott. The OX just filled the slot to make us 11. I wonder if he his learning his appalling skills from Le Forehead Gervinho. Uncontrolled energy, ragged pace and low footballing brain were exhibited.

The extra time was all Arsenal but since they failed to kill the game they had to settle for the penalty kicks. I literally lost hope when the ref blew the whistle for the kicks because I know Bradford would do well in the shoot outs.

I couldn’t vouch for anybody on the Arsenal side that would be confident enough to send the ball to the net. Cazorla, Chamakh and Vermaleen missed to gift Bradford a 3-2 penalty win. Wilshere’s shot and Chamberlain’s couldn’t save Arsenal.

50 years and counting, we haven’t won at Bradford. They are now the second non-Premier League side to knock Arsenal out in the Wenger era. The League Cup has never been won by Wenger but we have been more quarterfinals than any other team for the past 10 years.

With the down-est of heart I prepare this post. I feel for Szczesny who saved two kicks, Coquelin who tried to play Arsenal on, Rosicky who brought hope and the rejuvenation, Cazorla who struck the bar from afar. I feel for the 4500 fans who watched the game live. I feel for Arsenal. Expect the worst.

It would have been better that we lost using a second string side than losing with our full strength.

Hearts in hand, heads a bow; I drop my pen and weep without tears.

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