Wasted 90 minutes
Wasted 90 minutes

Throughout work at the Red base on Monday, the rivalry between the United and the Chelsea fans have polluted the free air and different argument have ensued the clash to hold later on that evening. The Mourinho fatefuls have backlashed the Red Devils and painted all sort image armed with records that were questionable.

Dirtied in my red coverall, I had kept mute as a gooner not minding who wins or loses. I wanted one of them to lose and after much mind games and personal analysis i prefered Chelsea to lose. Mourinho has this “cant-lose” mentality and i wanted him to lose early so as to wet him like a village fowl in the Rain Forest of Africa.

The base was empty faster than i expected and i left earlier than i use to leave, arriving at my house 5 minutes before the match. I didnt see the line up but realized the unhappy one had no striker in his starting 11. Torres was on the bench sulking and so was my  Nigerian Mikel who have not featured for the Blues this season.

After 90 minutes, I realized I had wasted my 90 precious minutes. what type of tactics did Mourinho think he was playing. Chelsea lost the ball so much that I wondered their aim at the Old Tratford. Without a recognized striker, the blues lacked firepower upfront. they would have asked Wenger for Sanogo na.

United hufed and puffed, Rooney lapping the show but always seems difficult to pass to RVP. are they beefig themselves. wetin concern me. Welbeck was so wayward and inshort….

Aston Villa away win at Emirates was more exciting than this crap Moyes and Mourinho showed us last night.

Football Lovers, watch Arsenal tonight and enjoy a good game, win, lose or draw.