Giroud’s 65th minute goal gave Arsenal the 3 points at St. James Park.

1. Winning Without Ozil and Ramsey
Ozil mysteriously fell on his shoulders according to Wenger and thus would miss 3 games and have a mini break since he arrived. Ramsey had an injury in the win over Westham and would be out for a while.
The gunners defied the absence of this duo to grab 3 points. Rosicky and Cazorla filled up well. The Arsenalbhave enough supplies to win without Ozil and Ramsey.

2. 15 Minutes of Die Hard Defence
The last 15 minutes of the Newcastle encounter was so tense with Arsenal playing a 8-1-1 formation. With Bendtner as the sole man upfront and no man in the Newcastle half.
The gunners defended with all. Koscienly intercepted, Metersacker nodded away, Flamini hustled, Szczesny collected, Sagna ballooned, Rosicky tackled and the wall remained.

3. Relief And Belief
Despite missing chances to add another goal, the gunners were relieved to take a 1-0 win. The relief of going back on top and the belief of a silverware was ignited. The pix below tells more.

Finishing 2013 on top isn’t a silverware but it is a stepping stone.

What were your 3 things?