I have been shell shocked since the Arsenal was shackled by Schalke 04. Still mourning in the post-Norwich era, a defeat at home was never in the cards for me. Norwich’s defeat can be swallowed but a home defeat in the Champions league is something else.

The arsenal didn’t wake up from their Norwich slumber, they carried over their lackluster, goal-shy, flat-footed display to the emirates and fell with a big thud to Schalke 04 with Hunting huntelaar and Affellay grabbing the goals.

I can’t say much about the match because I couldn’t watch for some reasons that should keep me alive eternally. I followed on twitter and have read various match review and round-ups. The Arsenal is like a mid-table team.

We have not scored in two games and worse still we have had only two shots on target: one from Arteta in the Norwich game, and the other from Gnabry against Schalke. Both of the shots have come in the dying minutes after we are already down.

None of our front quadruple of Gervinho, Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud has mustered one shot on target in 2 games. Bad omen. How long shall we wait to revert to the Henry days? Or even the RVP quick era?

Where is the so called Bould effect? We have conceded 11 goals in our 12 matches of this campaign. No clean sheet in the last 9 games is not a quality of champions. Are we even champions?

Our keeper is mediocre; defence, in shambles; midfield, confused; attack, toothless. My morale is low, lower than the sacrificial rams around the world to be slaughtered but where can I go? Nowhere!! I am a gooner for life even if Wenger keep brandishing fourth place as a trophy, as he did in the last AGM.

Arsenal is expected to respond against bottom placed QPR. Anything less than a clean-sheet-goals-galore win would not be accepted. Enough of these below-par performances.

Manonne should keep his place; the flying jenk would still maroon the right back with vermaleen drafted to the left with santos dismal display against schalke 04. BFG and kos should pair in the center. A return for Wilshere in the team should see a triumvirate of Wilshere, Arteta and Cazorla. Gnabry should be drafted to the right with Theo and chamberlain’s absence. Podolski and Giroud should make up the eleven. Coquelin, santos, gervinho, Martinez, ramsey, sagna and arshavin should make the bench.

Manny, jenks, kos, BFG, Verm, JW10, Arteta, Santi, Pods, Gnab, Giro.

Let us win this. Enjoy your holidays as the population of rams reduce worldwide.

Enough of ranting and mourning

Au Revoir


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