With an opening day defeat still fresh albeit overshadowed by the good run after, Arsenal travelled to Villa Park on Monday night. The gunners were stung to a 3-1 home defeat but have moved on to the lofty top of the League.

Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey were out but Ozil and Giroud returned to make the trip. The OX would feature in his 1st EPL game since coming off injured in that opening day fuxture.

Jack wilshere converted Monreal’s cross and within 59 seconds he turned provider for Olivier Giroud. 2-0 at HT but Benteke converted to put the game to a frantic tension-filled end after Cazorla lost the ball. 2-1it ended.

Quick goals, quick points.
Aston Villa parked the train from onset but the gunners continued to play their game. Within a period of 59 seconds, the gunners had gone 2-0 up thanks to Wilshere and Giroud. Those quick goals were like double edged swords. Just when you are thinking of the 1st goal, you concede another: an upper cut. The game seemed all wrapped up in the 1st half until Benteke responded in the 2nd half.

The Self Destruct Button.
One of the reasons there is still doubt over the gunners title challenge is their love to press the infamous self destruct button. The 2011 Carling Cup final still hover in our memories, the 4-4 draw at St. James Park, the Clichy back pass and the Gallas show at Birmingham are just a few.
On Monday night, Santi Cazorla invoked that spirit and it resulted in a goal. The last 20 minutes at Villa Park was war for the gunners as a result of that goal. Benteke has not scored in ages and his goal ignited the home fans.
Nevertheless, the gunners stood tall and strong. Metersacker and Koscienly intercepted and cleared away. Arsenal must stop this self destruction.

More Injuries
Monreal didn’t finish the game because of a foot injury and thus Gibbs had to return. Rosicky came in for Gnabry but was subbed off for a seemingly broken nose. These adds to Wenger’s worries. Arsenal will hope to see the duo back as soon as possible.

Giroud scored outside London. Metersacker plays his 100th game with 100% pass accuracy, wearing the armband. Numerous clearances by Metersacker and Koscienly. It has been ages since they played and lost. Arsene’s zip coat and Arsenal is back on top.