2 goals down and the ghost of last season seem to have resurrected at Goodison Park, the last venue Arsenal lost a competitive game. A well taken header and an offside goal had rendered Arsenal like sheeps without a shepherd.

Two germans returned to the team but they could do little or nothing as Martinez seem to be getting the better of Wenger. The French prof started Sanchez upfront but had to bring in Olivier Giroud at the start of the 2nd half.

Giroud has become a recent scapegoat by many fans following his performance against Besiktas in Turkey. But the condemned stone became the stone that gave Arsenal a point.

Minutes after his introduction, he missed a wonderful chance to the glory of those that have written him off, despite posing more threat than the man he replaced. Sanchez never had such chance.

He continued to be at the helm of affairs in terms of near chances and missed half chances until Ramsey scored in the 84rd minute.

Giroud will finally spare Arsenal’s blushes in the 90th mimute as directed Monreal’s cross into the net, rooting bearded Howard to the spot. A relief, A miracle, A point. Hos jubilation said it all: A slide on the Goodison turf, hands spread wide, beating the air, saying “I am all you have”.


Olivier Giroud is all Arsene Wenger has for now. He must get the maximum support despite his flaws. He is not immune to criticism but must build on today’s goal and enforce fear of God in the opponents defence.

Let’s give it to Giroud. He has had his treatment.