Olivier Giroud returned from injury, came in as sub but his 94th minute goal couldn’t save Arsenal as they lost 2-1 to the Red Devils. A Keiran Gibbs own goal and Rooney’s 11th goal against Arsenal had given Manchester United a 2-0 lead.

Match report –  Wenger’s CommentPlayer Rating via ESPN

1. Great Work, No Result.
Arsenal started the game like a house on fire, tearing down United’s depleted defence. Quick sleek passing garnished with pace left LVG’s Devils dazzled. But all these fancy works and foreplay didn’t result in the ball crossing the line for an Arsenal goal. Arsenal looked like a very hard working student that solved in details all his questions, provided the answers but submitted the question paper instead of the answer scripts.

2. De Gea De-fference.
Arsenal eased through United’s backline but made life so easy for De Gea, the goalie between the post. Arsenal made De Gea look so good by shooting at him. The goalie made no diving save but made himself big enough to prevent Wilshere, Welbeck and co from registering a goal. He must curse his luck for failing to keep a clean sheet with Giroud’s superb goal.

3. Pride Proves Puffs
I am still pondering as to why Wilshere failed to pass the ball to Sanchez for his first miss of the game. Was he looking to prove a point or he took an excess dose of the “English Pride”? Four consecutive MotM for the Three Lions and you will expect him to cap it up with Arsenal especially after his assists were questioned. You could see the pride translated to frustration as he picked up a fight with Fellaini.

Up the field, Danny wanted to prove LVG wrong. He showed alot of promise but failed to grab a goal. He was more of a threat than RVP but he desire to prove LVG wrong may have caused Arsenal a goal. He just wanted to score but had to watch as Giroud grabbed a late goal.

4. Return Relief
Mikel Arteta returned to captain the gunners and he put a much better display than his deputy Flamini. Of two evils, choose the lesser. Arteta may be old but he reads the game well. He provided the assist to fellow returnee Giroud to start the failed comeback.

Olivier Giroud came in for the ineffective Aaron Ramsey and ended the game with a great goal and a yellow card to his name. His return will erase Sanogo from the bench and most likely send Welbeck there.

5. The Big4 Mentality
I can’t remember the last time Arsenal defeated any of the “traditional” big four or their big six derivatives. Is it now cast in stone that we cannot beat Manchester united even in their poorest state? Last season,  we didn’t even grab a goal. How will the players be relieved from this mediocrity?

Other worthy mentions include the injury worries, no goal Sanchez, blank RVP, Di Maria’s miss and many more.

Take Heart and Enjoy.