Arsenal started the new year on a poor note following a tired display wrapped up with two ribbons of defensive errors, presented as a gift to the Saints.

The gunners had gotten 6 hard points from QPR and West ham as 2014 slipped away to 2015. A year ago Arsenal had to wait till the 88th minute before Bendtner put Arsenal ahead against Crystal Palace but the gunners left St. Marys with no goals scored. Only Chelsea had prevented the Arsenal attack from bitting the cherry.

With no Giroud, no Welbeck, and no Sanogo, Sanchez led the attack but you could see he is no big center forward. Giroud must be kicking himself for that foolish red paint spilled against QPR.

The limelight of the visit was at back. Metersacker, Koscielny and Szczesny prepared a new year gift for the Saints. The Devils couldn’t harm the potters and opened the gates for Arsenal to move but the spirit of Alumina arose from Hades to move over the Arsenal backline.

Koscielny was easily overtaken by Mane. He should have better. Szczesny came out to Mane but started tracking back seeing Mane moving slightly away. He should have stayed on till back up arrived. Mane curled the ball beautiful but our BFG could only snail his feet missing ball.

The 2nd half was funny too. Szczesny hurriedly passed the ball to Tadic who made Szczesny taking 3 gulps of water as the ball rolled out from the net. 3 points given. 2 goals conceded. It could have been worse if not for Debuchy.

In a game where Coquelin was our best player, it tells what has befell the team. We sure need a pointman upfront but i am not Wenger.


The FA cup is few days from today but these defensive errors were preventable. Poor start of the year. A gift to the Saints.

Happy New Year from the Defence.