Arsenal lost 2-0 to Southampton but their pains were lighted to see Jose Mourinho beaten 5-3 in North London.

Mourinho seems to be on every gooners hatred list and seeing him beaten by a plethora of goals adds sugar to the hatred tea. Cahill and Terry were torn apart by Harry Kane and Erikssen.


This was a team aiming to equal Arsenal’s unbeaten record but were Cissed by Newcastle and now hurricaned by Spurs.

From an Arsenal perspective, it feels good that Mourinho hasn’t broken the unbeaten record. It feels great to see Mourinho concede 5 goals, especially knowing that few years ago he made nonsense of Arsenal’s high scoring victories.


It does feel sad that Spurs could dissect Mourinho’s Chelsea while Arsene Wenger is yet to give him a scratch apart from the infamous shove at Stamford Bridge. If Spurs can beat Chelsea why can’t we beat Chelsea.

One of the best things that will happen to Arsenal this season is to beat Chelsea under Jose Mourinho. Another 5-3 won’t be bad. Will Wenger get his victory over Jose?

Enjoy the trolls.