Arsenal did everything possible not to cut the gap between them and leaders Leicester City from 6 points to 3 points. Westbrom had opened the gate for the Gunners to come in but they chickened out in shame, pooing in their pants as Swansea grabbed all 3 points at the Emirates.


Tottenham were losing and still lost to the Hammers; an opportunity for Arsenal to go second but it seems Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are hell bent on finishing 4th. Joel Campbell opened the scoring and the mood was uplifted with an expectation of goals.

Giroud fired blanks for the 10th time in 10 games. Alexis continued from where he stopped – losing possession at will. Ramsey continues to frustrate while Metersacker looks lost with no drive to respond. Cech could have done better for the winner but he will now seat out the North London Derby on Saturday.

I sincerely feel for Ozil. His chances are not converted. He was fouled for the equalizer and the referee looked the other way. Walcott and Wenger need to apologise to Campbell. His desire and workrate amplifies the wasted 10 years of Theophilus. How much Cazorla have been missed. Coquelin tried his best with interceptions and tackles but he sure misses his buddy.

This is another degree of shame. Manchester United are now 4 points behind, Manchester City are also 4 points behind, despite having a game in hand. Something has to be done. The Gunners don’t deserve to win the Premier League. Supporting Arsenal is not just easy.

We look forward to the North London Derby. Is there a reason to hope? Hoping against hope? Shame.

There were games in the NPFL with 7 home wins and 2 draws. Enyimba will have a go today against Ikorodu United. They must not arsenal things up.