Few days after we had lost 2-0 to Swansea at the emirates, we were drawn to play Swansea at the liberty stadium in the FA Cup. We knew the game wouldn’t be easy and that we saw last evening.

Michu scored within 2 minutes of his sub in, no thanks to the catastrophic display of our center backs. Metersacker’s slowness is telling on him. He falls so easily like a lazy giant. Has the flu taken his strengths away? He has been the most consistent of our center backs but he was appalling today. I believe Sagna and Szczesny should have done better.

I don’t want to write about a forgettable first half with Ramsey missing chances. But the introduction of Podolski paid off with that one-time strike from the German to pull us level. I praise Koscienly for his pass.

Gibbs goal was superb. Goose pimples emerged on my skin as I watched the replay over and over again. It was a goal that reminds you off our former captain that listened to his little boy. What a volley!! Credit should be given to Giroud who chipped that ball over the sea of white shirts.

What a Volley
What a Volley

Just when I thought, we have paid them back with those 2 goals in 2 minutes; we allowed Graham to roof us. Our defending at set pieces is going back to last season’s stats. I hate it when we concede from set pieces, because we rarely score from same.

I have tried to reason the game but that gibbs volley keeps blocking my medulla. RVP would be proud of him, Walcott would indeed envy that goal. no wonder he was voted man of the match at arsenal.com. he was my man of the match not just for the goal, though the goal concreted my choice.

where was Walcott? he made Sagna work overtime. we were playing without our right side. all our meaning attack were left sided. Giroud fared better for me. He was always involved unlike the Englishman yet to sign da ting. why didnt wenger bring on Rosicky or the OX. Santi was tired. we have chelsea and city soonest.

i hope we win the replay wonderfully without Michu scoring. I am tired of seeing that guy score against us. can we get him? Wenger?

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