Cazorla’s double strike gave the gunners a 3rd straight Premeir League victory and added more gasoline to the fiery chase to play Champions League football next season. Wenger quickly spiced up the hopes of gooners worldwide by claiming the Arsenla could finish 2nd.

2nd? It is possible to leapfrog Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City; but if that happens, Arsenal is the best team in the world. Mathematically, we could even win the League. Wake Up!! Football isn’t mathematics: even if the top teams lose their remaining matches, would Arsenal win theirs? Our tactics, techniques and tenacity is highly suspect to back-fire.

If we must forge towards Arsene’s 2nd spot, we must defeat the chicken down the lane. Adebayor is mumu-ishly becoming a shadow but there is a man-key that is on all lips: Gareth Bale. 8 goals in his last 6 games is no ordinary feat. The defense have to watch him for over 90minutes. He has even scored more stoppage time goals than anyone I know. So, no lack of concentration.

On Monday night, some red-hearted North Londoners were broken as Bale struck a 90th minute winner against Westham in a 5 goal thriller. Spurs are now 2 points above Chelsea that were spanked 2-0 by Manchester City. Arsenal is 2pts behind the coveted 4th place. If we must shoot our canoons in th UCL, someone need to bale us.

Who would bale the gunners? Who would score those breath-taking goals? Who would save our season? I believe we could be 3rd at the end because spurs have a hell of a fixture ahead.

They might have beaten our U-21 by 4-2 but worry not, Wenger would do his job. We would pay back in their coin in the real game. White Hart Lane must be Red. Remember the 5-2 double in 2012.

Au Revior.