Lukasz Podolski scored a near-revival goal that rekindled a spark that wasn’t fueled to the advantage of the emirates faithful as Bayern added another goal in the 2nd half to make the Munich return leg a mountain Everest to climb. Podolski continued his 100% shots converted ratio as he scored his 4th goal in 4 attempts. Giroud’s shot was to the keeper and the rest were meaningless possessions that lacked quality as goonerdaily labbeled and had quantity.

can we do it?
can we do it?

When I saw our starting line up, I wasn’t happy seeing walcott all by himself upfront. Was he to bully the german defence? His selection definitely made the option of crosses or hold-up and link-up play useless. We had no bark, more or less a bite in the 2nd half. Whether we like it or not it is better to play Giroud upfront or Podolksi than the little Englishman. He is more dangerous and benefits the team when he plays from the flank. His runs cant be detected when he kick starts his gear.

I walked home downtrodden but not surprised. My hopes had been shattered and an ostrich egg was splattered at my face at the end of the game in North London. Can we upturn the result? I can only think of that Inter Milan away victory in 2002 or so and hope. 8 years down the drain? Wenger?

24 hours later, AC Milan did what Arsenal should have done to Bayern Munich. Barcelona came as favourite but mustered only a shot at goal as they were downed by two goals thanks to boateng and muntari. If AC Milan could upset Barca, we can borrow a leaf and muster courage at the Allianz arena.

The curses of letter “B” has continued over the years: Barcelona, Burnsley, Bolton, Birmigham, Bradford and recently Blackburn. Hope Aston Villa wont right to the FA to change their name to Baston Villa to spoil Arsenal’s only pseudo-trophy left to salvage: the 4th place.

a win may/should trigger another challenge upward.

Au revior