The sale of RVP at the beginning of this season didnt go down well with many red blooded North Londoner. I had personally believed he would see off his 1 year contract left but I got a sucker punch. The little boy inside had decided.

£24million RVP scored a hattrick last monday to increase his tally to 24 goals averaging 1million per goal as United grabbed their 20th Premeir League title. This same RVP and his united pals would be at the emirates on sunday as champions with 4 games to spare.

Wenger agrees to give United the Guard of Honour,an English tradition which the shrewd Frenchman has benefitted from his United counterpart. The fans would be ired to see Van Pierse lap the glory of the guard of honour. It surely symbolizes that He made a right personal decision. I hope the sight of the GoH would spurr the gunners to win the EPL next season.

I dont care about the GoH, I care about the 3 points at stake. We are in the top4 chase with spurs and chelsea and there is no time to cry over spilt milk. 3 wins out of 4 games would keep Arsenal in top4 but United would like to break a certain record held by chelsea which requires them winning their last 4 games.

Even if fergie uses his fringe devils, we must take the game to them and hold them by the jugular. We were asleep in the 1st leg at Ols Trafford until Cazorla consoled us with a last minute goal to lose 2-1. The 8-2 bashing still lingers and its remembrance brings sourness to my tastebuds fuelling a hunger for revenge. If only we can pay back in that coin on Sunday.

For the flying dutchman, I hope Koscienly sends him to david jones’ locker by giivng him a good fight to tame his scoring demons. I wont be surprised if he scores. Id he does, he might unveil an undershirt that reads “I am Sorry” or “the little boy was right”.

Go gunners, grab 3 points, gun the devils down and lets move on.