… Lewandowski… LeTWOdowski… LeTHREEdowski… LeFOURdowski… LewanGOALski… LewanROASTING.


After the infamous battering of barcelona by Bayern Munich, Dortmund did the German double by demolishing Real Madrid. What a night of Champions League football. I have never had this double dose of immense excitement as the spanish massacre on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The former “special one” who now masks as “the only one” felt comfortable releasing his team sheet about 24hours before the kick off. He was so proud and sure of his tactics that i termed him the “proud one”. Jose Mourinho could hardly believe his eyes after the final whistle and he keeps asking “1-1? 4-1? What happened?

Ronaldo gave Madrid a lifeline after he cancelled out Lewandowski’s early strike before the break. Dortmund went haywire thanks to Polish Robert Lewandowski to punish, demolish and annihilate Madrid 4-1. Lewandowski is now the first player to score a hattrick against Madrid in the Champions League. Mourinho’s greatest Champions League defeat.

My last two german nights are unFOURgetable. The Germans are just FOURmidable. Barcelona went to Munich FOUR-nothing while Madrid went to Dortmund FOUR-ONE reason: to be LewanROASTED. Enough of all this “Barcelona and Madrid are the topmost clubs in Europe” They might float their wealth but it is high time we acknowledge the immense progress of the bundesliga.

The bundesliga have progressed in leaps and bounds in the last 5 years and I personally wish my Nigeria Premeir League would borrow a leaf from the germans. Their stadia are filled, their fans are happy, their business model is superb and their national team is a perpetual motion machine of the 1st kind.

From the Arsenal perspective, Arsenal is the last team to defeat Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund remains unbeaten just like Arsenal’s 2006 race to the Paris Final.

I strongly believe that the germans would still win again at spain. Dortmund would remain unbeaten till the finals and we would behold an exciting German-German final than the now boring El Classico.

What a mid-week!! Platini would be scratching his head unhappily.

Good Better Bundesliga.