Everytime I surf the internet or put on my Kchibo transistor radio or my phone FM radio, I expect to hear the confirmation of a high profile signing by the Arsenal. I have waited and I am stil waiting. I wander what still holds theis so called Higuan deal. I hope it doesnt turn out bad.

while we wait to acquire new bullets for the next season 2013/14, few players have secured new employers and would ply their trade as expected by many gooners outside the Ashburton groove area. while it is said that Johan Djorou would stay in Germany ( I wish to have measured his performance their in the last 6 months), the russian Assasin, Andrei Arshavin has confirmed his return to the Origin of his career: Zenit St. Petersburg.

according to arsenal.com,

Andrey Arshavin is set to rejoin Russian Premier League club Zenit St. Petersburg on July 1, when his contract with Arsenal officially expires.

Arshavin, who began his career at Zenit, joined Arsenal in February 2009 and enjoyed an excellent debut season in England, most memorably scoring four goals in a Premier League match against Liverpool in a 4-4 draw at Anfield in April of the same year.

The 32-year-old made a total of 144 appearances and scored 31 goals during his time with Arsenal. Last season, Arshavin made 11 first team appearances, contributing one goal and five assists.

Everyone at Arsenal would like to thank Andrey for his contribution to the Club and wish him well for the future

I would always thank him for that Fourmidable encounter at Anfield. Check out my memories of the assasin. I wished he won a trophy at least. Poor Russian. would he still play for Barcelona?

Well, the only activity that glues me to my TV set is the confederation cup going on in Brazil. Last night Brazil defeated Uruguay 2-1 to progress to the final. Diego Forlan may have found it difficult to sleep last night after he missed a 14th minute penalty. Edison Cavani finally scored a goal in the tourney after Fred had put the Brazilians ahead.

I was beginning to ponder Cavani as a candidate of the flops of the competition just before he scored. Well, will chelsea have him? Paulinho finished the tie minutes from 90 and I felt unhappy. I had rooted for uruguay and wanted Suarez to reach the final. I wanted a Uruguay-Italy final, I wanted what so manypundits wanted.

I may get half of what I need tonight if Italy can surprise Spain; but I hear Balotelli has gone home sick. I feel sick. Let the best team win.

in a bit of non-footballing news, My Mentor Roger Federer was knocked out of the SW19 in the second round. His nemesis, Rafal Nadal also got knocked out same day. it is the first time since 2003 that we wont see Nadal and Federer in the 3rd round.

Yesterday was sad for me, except the hot rice and stew.

have a nice night.

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