After 90 minutes of gritty football, after another extra 30 minutes of tired football with rattled post, the second semifinals of the confederations cup came down the penalties and sudden death.

Uruguay had been dispatched by the Samba boys and everyone probably except me wanted a mouth-watery final to be between the host, Brazil and world champions Spain. The odds were against the Italians with records against them and their top 9, Super Mario Balotelli was injured.

At the Euros about a year ago, the Italians were beaten in the final and they had Super Mario. without Super Mario, no one gave them a chance against sleek-passing-possesion-owning-xavi-led spain.

Italy did give account of themselves and showed that they have improved in leaps and bounds better than the team that lost to the champions in the Euros. The coach got his tactics well despit not having Mario. the team played well and defended well.

It is unfortunate that a team just has to win and bonucci was the unfortunate one to lose his kick. all penalties that went into the net were superb especially the first one.

so we await the clash of the Titans: Brazil vs Spain. Would Neymar uplift the Samba boys? would He usurp his new barcelona colleagues? would Xavi lead spain to win the only trophy not in their cabinet? would Torres finish as highest goal scorer of the tournament despite playing few minutes?

Sunday would answer.

For Arsenal, I wander why Higuan is taking long, I hear he is on a camel bag to cross the Iberain desert from spain.

Sanu de weekend.

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