Dear Arsenal,

We have come a long way from the beginning of the season. We were stunned on day 1 but have since responded positively and exceeded many pundits expectation as to being on top and competitive as of week 24. We seat 2 points ahead on top of the Premier League table with 55 points and have had our lion share of injuries to hamper our quest to our 14th glory.

We have had injuries with Wilshere, Cazorla, Chamberlain, Rosicky, Gibbs, Koscienly, Sagna, Podolski, Arteta and we have lost Walcott till the end of the season. Diaby’s case still remains mysterious and metaphysical. Despite our leading position on the Injury league we are still ahead of the big spenders Manchester City and Chelsea.

Chelsea’s Victory over City may have left us still on top but we must take matters in our own hands. It begins with the trip to Anfield where Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling et al seem to have a stronghold. They are 8 points behind and have this little hope of catching up with the top three but it is our duty to extinguish that hope by grabbing all 3 points on Saturday.

ramsey stoke

We have beaten Liverpool this season at Emirates when the bookmarkers and pundits and bed belle FC expected us to stutter and we must beat them again. Cazorla scored and Ramsey was awesome. A double over the reds is not bad. Just as we quenched the flames of SaS, Koscienly and Metersacker should pocket them. We must be watchful of Raheem Sterling and Coutinho. They are fast and quick. They were absent in the 1st leg.

Kolo Toure may gift us a goal like he did to Anichebe, of which we must gladly take from our old boy. Nevertheless, we must opt our game and do them a City (score goals for fun). Liverpool’s weak point springs from the back though Mignolet is a handful.

After the Trip to Anfield comes the return of a certain little boy with the Devils. These two games have been ticked as 6 points collected. nothing more, nothing less.

In all, for our sake, for the gunners sake, don’t trip on the trip to Anfield.

A Nigerian Gooner

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