After the gunners were found wanting at Anfield, it seems the world is destined to come to an end sooner than expected. Blames have been filed left right and center with many questions raised with no explicit answers provided.


Just like at City, the gunners were below par, shipping in more goals than even negative bookmarkers and pundits had expected. another 12:45pm Saturday game, another heavy lose. Chelsea vs Arsenal is on a Saturday by 12:45pm. You can guess what I am thinking. We didnt apply any lesson learnt at the Etihad against Liverpool, can we apply any at Stamford bridge?

Did we learn any lessons? A sad Szczesny who picked up the ball 5 times believes we did

“We didn’t enjoy it at all. We didn’t turn up for the first half and we got punished so there’s a lesson there to be learnt but we’ve got to turn up quickly and focus on the next game.

Nevertheless, the gunners must pick themselves up and finish the title race on a high. If they are make up for the calamity 5-1 game, they must take no prisoners from their next three games which fortunately is at the Emirates. These three games in the next 10 days will define our stand in three different competitons.

Manchester United.

Darren Bent scored in stoppage time to deny the Red devils 3 points at Old Trafford after United had scored 2 goals in 2 minutes to seemingly grab 3 points. Arsenal will look at Manchester United and express hope of defeating David Moyes’ non-winning side with ease. The acquisation of Mata has not mattered but the gunners must start all over again with the Devils.

“We have the opportunity to respond quickly on Wednesday and we have to remind ourselves what we have done from Man City until now. That is at stake and to show that responsibility for ourselves and for the pride of our club.

“We have huge games coming up but we can rely on our fans that they will push us again. I think the team will give something back in the next couple of weeks.” – Metersacker.

“But as I said we will learn our lesson from this and respond quickly against Man United.” – Szczesny


The gunners will host Liverpool in the FA Cup on Sunday. Arsenal must not lose this game owing to the fact that it looks more realistic with one of Manchester City and Chelsea sure to be knocked out same weekend. Liverpool will arrive with high hopes, basking in their 5-1 win. But the gunners must revenge, classically. Their morale must have been boosted by the expected wednesday United bashing. We don’t need to field a second string side.

Bayern Munich

The Champions League returns and Arsenal will have to face Bayern Munich over two legs starting at the emirates. If the gunners must advance to the next stage, they must avoid the defeat that happened when they both met last season. Though the 2-0 defeat spurred the gunners to an unbeaten run that helped them to finish 4th last season. Arsenal should use the advantage of playing at home, keep a clean sheet before the visit to the Allianz Arena.

So the three games will sharpen Arsenal’s season.

Enough of the blames lads, in the words of Arteta “I don’t think that is the right thing to do. We need to be realistic and improve on what we have done. We need to react, improve and face the games ahead in a different manner.”

I will end this post with a Wenger quote:

It is about how well we do at home at the Emirates, of course starting on Wednesday. Recently we have been very good defensively at home and offensively as well. That is what we want to show on Wednesday night.”

See Ya.