The buzz around Arsène Wenger’s 1000th game all fizzled out in 10 minutes at Stamford Bridge.

Bouyed by the dogged 1-0 win at White Hart Lane over North London rivals, and Chelsea’s loss at Villa Park, there was some positivity in the gunners camp. The Wenger1000 celebrations and eulogies may have shifted the attention from the game but Mourinho was not moved.

Tomas Rosicky slipped in Olivier Giroud but the frenchman’s shot was tame. Seconds later Eto scored after the Ox lost the ball. Before 10 minutes, it was 2-0 after Cazorla was caught on the ball.

Any iota of hope was extinguished when the Ox decided Szczesny was not enough by sticking his fingers to save a shot that was going wide. Ref Mariner on the other hand sent off Gibbs instead.

Vermaelen came in for Podolski but could do little as 2 more goals made it 4-0. Jenkenson came in for Koscielny and Flamini for Chamberlain for damage control. 2 more goals entered instead. FT: 6-0. Only Rosicky showed up.

Mourinho’s 1st 6 goal win at Chelsea. The 1st time Arsenal will lose by such margin to Chelsea. Arsenal’s 3rd major loss to a direct rival in the league.

5-2 at City yet the gunners failed to learn. 6-1 at Anfield, lessons not learnt and 6-0 at the bridge,  any new lesson to be learnt?

Those 3 games were played by lunchtime and the gunners never showed up. Arsenal conceded 17 goals in these 3 games out of their total 34.

The gunners are now 4th, seemingly out of the race. Swansea is next, before Manchester City visits.

The gunners will try hard to forget this 1000th Wenger game but will Wenger ever defeat Mourinho?