The Season is coming to an end with the footballing attention slowly shifting to the Worldcup. There will be less talks of Arsenal and clubs with emphasis on countries and nations.

Traveling to see your favourite footballers take part in the biggest footballing tournament in the world is no mean feat; accommodation is booking up fast, plane tickets will now cost you well over a grand per person and the chances of you getting a ticket to an actual match are significantly decreasing. Summertime inflation can take its toll on both the availability and cost of your holiday. Therefore, it’s well worth considering taking an alternative route to Rio for this year’s World Cup to not only save you money overall but show you parts of the world you wouldn’t see if you were traveling by air.

Cruising to Rio de Janeiro from the UK will cost you around the same as a one-way plane ticket and not only gets you there and back – food, drink and accommodation on board are all included in the price. Coordinate your cruise trip with the tournament and your match tickets, and you’ll end up traveling with hundreds of like-minded football fans. Choosing to cruise to Rio instead of fly not only provides you with a great time before and after the tournament – no matter the result – you’ll get to see other locations which you either wouldn’t think to visit, or couldn’t afford.

The Worldcup is getting closer. Take a cruise.

Ella Moss