After being foxed at the King Power stadium to newly promoted Leicester City, all roads led to the transfer market as managers were frantically fighting for the available remains like a popular parallel night market in the suburb of Lagos. It was the last day of the long transfer window, Arsenal had long gotten 4 quick buys with the arrival of Sanchez, Debuchy, Ospina and Chambers. Bendtner, Sagna, Vermaleen, Fabianski, Park et al left for one of many reasons.

Nevertheless there were still holes in the team with many gooners expecting the arrival of more than one of a defender, a defensive midfielder and an full blown striker. The injury to Olivier Giroud, the alpha dog of Arsenal’s center forwards who joined Injury FC till January, left Wenger with only Sanogo. Wait a minute, am i forgetting the forward trio of Podolski, Sanchez and Campbell?

Twitter feeds were refreshed, websites reloaded, radios tuned, TVs on sport news, the F5 button on many PCs were crying for mercy as everyone expected an Ozil-ic miracle. Many sat on the edge of their sites, biting their fingers with suarez-like teeth waiting for that breaking news. Hot meals went cold, cold drinks became warm, the anxiety was growing. The rumour mills or wenger’s search flew from Germany to Spain, Italy to France, Bulgaria to Croatia, Scotland to Ireland only to arrive back at England.

Back to England? what is in England? is there any free striker there? We had been defeated in the battle for Remy despite our French connection and Loic’s loitering around Emirates late last season. How we couldn’t get him for £8m beats me and it freaks me more to see him on the blue side of West London with the likes of Costa and Drogba. We had flirted with him and failed to pull the trigger when we had all the chance in the world.

Well, well, well, what do we have in England: Danny Welbeck. A product of Manchester united? The only thing that came to my mind was Mikeal Silvestre. Is this a Fergie plot? but this is Van Gaal. I took my floss and cleaned my teeth as i digested the late night transfer. What has Arsenal become? How can we go for Manchester United’s reject? Reject? was he rejected? But Falcao just arrived. Why couldn’t we get Falcao-nic strikers that enforces the fear of god in opposition defences? limited finance? What of Huntelaar and the twitter lies?

I took a break from my questioning thought, fighting towards looking at the positives behind the arrival of welcome. Only one major positive came alight: I rate him higher than Sanogo. At least he won’t fluff 7 out of 7 chances in a game. His experience in the Premier League will help. Goonerdaily captured a lot of comments regarding Welbeck’s arrival and i trully hope he proves the doubters wrong. I am expecting a “10 things you need to know about Danny Welbeck”

Before the window shut, Ignasi Miquel permanently moved to Norwich and FC Twente took our Japanese prodigy, Ryo on loan. I wish Ryo really comes back smoky. I love his pace.

As for our newest signing, Danny Welbeck, I will give my full support. Welcome Danny, Sanogo can take his seat belt beside Martinez or Diaby. I hope Welbeck surpasses his United record because they were not rocket science. This is Arsenal, you will have the chance. You either take it or leave it.

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