Arsenal were booted out of the Capital One cup last night after a spirited display by Southampton at the Emirates. The gunners opened scoring from Alexis Sanchez’s freekick but Rosicky gifted a penalty minutes later with Tadic scoring from the spot. The gunners fell behind from Clyne’s screamer after a corner kick was cleared.

Match report. Wenger’s Comment.

1. One in a dozen.
Prior to yesterday night, Arsenal had progressed to the last 16 of the League cup in the last 11 seasons. Behold, the 12th season came but unfortunately, the gunners could not keep there 3rd round record.

2. Visibly terrible and terribly invisible.
The fans clamoured for Wenger to feature Rosicky and Podolski but they didn’t put up their best to justify their start. Rosicky started but was terrible, misplacing some paces and tripped Mane in the box. On the other hand, Podolski was just invisible. The camera gunner was like air although had his shot saved to bring the gunners level. It still baffles me how Podolski played 90mins. Was it his last 90mins for Arsenal?

3. Little or No More Opportunities
Yes, it is the League Cup, the least important of the four trophies Arsenal aim for in every season since Arsene Wenger joined. Nevertheless, the cup had always been an opportunity for the younger players and fringe players to get some games under their belts. It has been a breeding ground.

Szczesny, Wilshere, Gibbs et al grow through the cup. Campbell, Akpom, Hayden, Coquelin will find it difficult to get games now. There will be no capital one to look forward to. Ospina, Podolski and co will just get an Emirates certified seat belt for now.

4. Impressive from the Young Gunners
Hayden was impressive at , Chambers was cool, Coquelin covered up well at the back and even helped limit the deficit. Many gooners had wanted Le Coq to move on but he put up a great display.

Bellerin ran his heart out, Campbell was much more mobile and possessed a lot of threat, Akpom had little time but you could see his pot was boiling. I wonder why he wasn’t brought on earlier.

5. Clyne’s screamer
The winning goal came out to be Clyne’s screamer in the 1st half of the game. A right back’s surface to roof missile. What a beauty of a goal. Do Arsenal have such goal scoring full backs. How many of the corner kicks have been successful? In years to come, it will continue to be said that Arsenal was clyned out of the League cup. That screamer brought sadness to many gooners especially seeing that the gooners couldn’t get another goal.

Other notable features of the game includes the return of diaby, Sanchez’s freekick, Jack’s crowded runs, etc.

Well, the Capital One cup is over for Arsenal. Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City are still in the competition. For now, the North London Derby takes priority.

See you in North London.