Arsenal continued to dig an endless pit of happiness in the hearts of their fans as they slipped in 3 mimutes to lose in Wales by 2-1. Alexis Sanchez seem to have given the gunners all three points but a free kick from Sigurdsson and Gomis header sealed 3pts for the swans.
Match report. Wenger’s Comment

1. Pains of failing to buy.
The summer shopping spree ended with Wenger failing to get a center back despite allowing Vermaelen and Miquel go. That decision has consistently hurt Arsenal conceding school boy erroneous goals and allowing opposition strikers opportunity to grab a goal with their heads. When Gomis out jumped Monreal, i wasn’t surprised. I felt for Monreal as Wenger’s makeshift defence continue to prove everyone right except Wenger. Expect more of this till January.

2. Looking for those saves.
Sometimes a goalie is worth 3 points. Szczesny has made some great saves in his career but it looks like ages since we all single the pole out for saving Arsenal. Yes, he may extremely exposed buy a makeshift funny pair of center backs but you could see that he may have done better. The goalie is the last line of defence and we hope to see some top of the drawer saves soonest.

3. Chambers Charred
Montero took Chambers CV and throw it to the swine as he made mincemeat of the right back. The young English lad had been the talk of the town since his arrival although showing some degree of inexperience. The lad can cross for Europe and Africa but he was consistently found wanting with pace.

90 minutes torment

Chambers should have done better to prevent the cross that gave Swansea the winner. How Wenger and his team mates continued to allow him suffer throughout the game is to be decided on mount Olympus. His lack of pace will be his achilles heel. We have young Bellerin blessed with pace and Sir Jenks on loan to Westham.

4. Reactive or Preventive Substitution
Wilshere and Walcott came on for Flamini and Ramsey after Gomis had scored the winner. This subs looked like a reaction to being down in the space of 3 minutes. If the subs came in before the equalizer, would Arsenal had secured the win? The gunners were on the ascendency with the rain favouring their play. The subs have their chances to draw Arsenal level but they fluffed their chances, Sanogo inclusive. Is he a striker? What of Podolski and Campbell?

5. Sanchez Let Down Again
A quick counter involving Cazorla, Chamberlain and Welbeck resulted in Arsenal’s opener with Sanchez slotting in behind Fabianski. In recent times, there is always a surety that the Chilean will make impact and he always does. But it is sad that the defence always let him down. All his hard work was rubbished by the conceded goals. As he walked down the tunnel shaking his head, so many thoughts will cloud his mind. Poor Sanchez.

“@ZineAFC: When Alexis dies the Arsenal defense should lower him into his grave so they can let him down one last time”

Arsenal has been disappointing. Wenger looks bare. 12pts behind Chelsea, the frenchman has conceded defeat. How long shall we wait for The Arsenal. With the highest gatefee in the milky way, the fans have been fed with poor results. Will the international break bring good news?
I am tired of seeing headlines like “Per – we must be serious for 90 minutes”, “Szczesny – 5 minutes cost us the game” on The players need to justify the badge on their chest and stop talking trash.

Live on gooners.