It was a wet afternoon in Houston but my mind was in Old Trafford, the Lair of the Red Devils. I kept refreshing my twitter timeline and checking out the GD BBM group for updates. I couldn’t watch the game but i just knew we had to beat Manchester United to move on.

Welbeck was a red devil, cast out by the Louis Van Gaal, the new Orange Devil in charge of maintaining the flames of Old Trafford appointed by the blazer Glazer gods. Dani-devil was deemed surplus to requirement and his role of tormenting opposition sinners was given to a fat cow Falcao. Great philosophy from the Orange Chief Devil.

The Bible book of Matthew explains the Welbeck-ing of LVG: Mattew 12:43-45.

“When a devil is expelled from ….”

When Danny Welbeck was kicked out of Old Trafford for being below Louis Van Gaal’s standard.

“…He drifts along through the desert looking for an Oasis…”

Danny drifted and pledged alliance to Wenger’s Army and became a Gunner. Wenger picked him up from the rubbles of the desert where he failed the diving classes, a pre-requisite to be a United Legend. The prof cleansed him of the little diving he may have cultured in Hell and made him a Gunner to lead the line in battle against the Devils

“…I’ll go back to my old haunt…”

Deep down, Welbeck felt hurt by LVG’s treatment and said to himself, I will go back to Old Trafford as a Gunning Devil and make LVG regret he booted me out.

“… He rounds up seven other spirits more evil than himself and they move in, whooping it up…”

Danny returned to Old Trafford with the Gunners lined up behind him as they pounced on the devils. Danny was with a stronger side, a perfect side, a footballing side. He whooped on Valencia’s mistake, charged down on De Gea and poked him the winner with 20 minutes left to play. Nacho Monreal had slashed off the tails of the devil but Rooney as ever responded with a thrown fork that hurt Szczesny and his bid to usurp Ospina as the number one goalie.


But Danny, ooh Danny. He rose from the ashes and gave Lose Louis Van Gaal the knockout blow, questioning his philosophy.

“… ends up worse off than if he’d never gotten cleaned up in the first place.”

LVG’s face became red faster than the speed of light. Lo and behold, he must admit he made a terrible decision expelling Welbeck and getting. See the expression on Danny’s face: Mission Accomplished. I wanted him to do an Adebayor in front of LVG but that will be asking for too much. Welbeck must have slept like the King of the Universe.


While LVG bemoans Di Maria’s diving skills, Wenger grinned from east to west knowing he had got his first victory over Van Gaal, his first victory at Old Trafford since 2006 and the FA Cup looks closer again.

For the majority on neutrals, it was great seeing Micheal Oliver stand up to United’s diving and bullying tactics. Maybe Fellani should have had more yellow cards and Welbeck a penalty but generally it was a great match for young Oliver. He must want more like Oliver Twist.

Oooh ye Gooners, glory in thy victory Manchester has been fruitful this season.