Cech stepped up with the ball placing it at the spot. He walked back adjusting his helmet and looking at his teammate lined up at the center of the pitch. It was the Champions League final, he has been in such final before and he remembers how Terry slipped and he hoped he wouldn’t slip like his former Captain. Roma and Arsenal have ended the 120 minutes with great saves from Cech and Szczesny to keep the scores at 0-0. The penalties had gone to sudden death and it was Arsenal’s 11th kick.

Szczesny dived the right way, giving Roma an edge of winning the UEFA Champions League. What ecstasy it brought to the young Pole. Redemption? he had mixed feelings. How much he loved Arsenal, how much he has enjoyed his 1 year in Rome. Cech was down especially seeing that he needed to save Szczesny’s kick to bring Arsenal back on level terms. He remembered that Szczesny was good at penalties and one of his kicks sent Fabianski on Injury exile some years ago. Wenger stood on the sideline, watching. The stadium was silent, awaiting the kick……. my phone rang and i woke up. It was the Engineer asking me questions on a Saturday Morning Wojciech Szczesny

It is Saturday morning, another day to wake up late and lazy around till you see a game in the nearby stadium or TV. This is not just an ordinary Saturday but one that has Arsenal return to action in North London. Ooooh, the lovely pitches of the Emirates – how many will love to lie down in such green pastures. Boateng may submit his application. It will be generously accepted. This is not just another weekend but one that marks the return of the Lord. Yes, the Lord, the Legend – OX will be grinning with his christening. The Arsenal-o-sphere has been clouded with a loan for Szczesny to Roma and an imminent move for Flamini to Turkey. Wenger has added gasoline to the Roma loan:

He could go on loan to Roma. Szczesny is a top-class goalkeeper and we have three top goalkeepers. If one of the goalkeepers can play somewhere then it’s good. I believe he will have a future at Arsenal because I personally rate him highly. I put him in the first team at the age of 20 and he already has huge experience. I don’t want that experience he got when he was very young to be wasted and that is why I gave him the opportunity. I believe Roma is a big club and they play in the Champions League, play in a very different championship as well and that is a big experience for him and he is 25 years old. But the experience he already has at his age is fantastic

So it is done then. No need to cry for Szczesny. I hope he doesn’t drink more water from his water bottle. Will he be allowed to smoke? This is an opportunity for the Pole to do a Courtios and return as the King of our Pole. Cech is 33 and I see Szczesny as the long term. With first team action in Rome, Szczesny will surely get better. Remember, he won the Golden Gloves with Cech two seasons ago. What if my dream comes true?

Away from the transfer league, the Emirates Cup is back – I don’t mean the Emirates FA Cup. Everyone is grinning with happiness and smiles. It is the last lap of our preseason unless you term the community shield as one. Let the boys enjoy themselves and get the required rhythm to beat Mourinho on Saturday. This break looks so short. My eyes will be on Wolfsburg, just to see if a certain number 3 will feature – The Lord.

There is no League game here in Nigeria because, we are on a 2 weeks refreshing break. Some clubs are licking their wounds and sacking their head coaches. Former CAF Coach of the year, Emordi was kicked out of Kano. The Groundnut city boys have been left chasing shadows with Enyimba and Sunshine leading the pack with teams like Wikki Tourist, Giwa FC, and Heartland coming along. The relegation threatened teams will be using their drawing board now. hopefully they have more space to start a new strategy. They may also recruit new players seeing that this is also a transfer window.

The Nigeria Federation cup has reached the quarter final stages with cupsets in the previous round. Former Cup champions, Dolphins were knocked out by non- premier league side, Niger Toarnadoes Feeders. BJ Foundation, a non-league side knocked Heartland out of the cup. There is joy in heaven when the underdogs gets the day.

The Engineer is calling again.


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