There are nights and there is a night. There are leagues and there is a league. You can be right to say that only the FIFA World Cup supersedes the UEFA Champions League in glamour and followership. You can paint your league with the nicest of brushes, employing Michael Angelo to help with the artistry but the UEFA Champions League is just too unique to be viewed like any other league.

There are clubs and there is Arsenal. There are a thousand and one reasons to just support Arsenal. Who would have believed Arsenal will beat Bayern Munich with almost same scoreline as they defeated Watford in the Premier League. Against all odds, the Gunners came out tops for the umpteenth time after such disbelief among the footballing world.

Bayern came with shoulders high, with the aim to intimidate but Arsenal was having none of that nonsense. Lewandowski was pocketed, Vidal was Coq-ed and Muller was nowhere to be found because Monreal made him disappear from the face of the earth. Watching the game was a beauty knowing that Arsenal were the quicker team and thus the hope of a counter in the corner.

The opening goal didn’t come with a counter but an error from the best goalie in the land – Neuer. Szczesny will look at Neuer’s display and have hope. Every dog has his day – even a bad day. It would have been better that Neuer allowed Walcott’s header than let the error that led to Giroud’s opener. Don’t take the credit away from Giroud. He is now the best super sub in town. You could see the joy in his celebration.

And there was Bellerin – the reason that Debuchy has been forgotten. Few years ago, we were begging Sagna to stay but Lo and Behold, a saviour was born. Where did he get that pace from? He is the fastest man in the world, faster than Usain Bolt – Argue with the worms in your stomach. Douglas Costa turned him out in the first half but the young Spaniard had the last laugh. A dash, an interception, a sprint, a cross and a tap in by Ozil.

Neuer did clear the ball but only the sharp eyed assistant referee could see that the ball had fully crossed the line – A bottle of whisky for him. What if Neuer saved the ball before the ball went in, what would we have said about Chamberlain’s miss? Thank goodness for Cech. He kept the Bavarians at bay. He was the man of the match. Thank you Abrahamovic. Hello Jose.

That Tuesday night was a night to remember. For a team that have scored in every game this season, keeping a clean sheet against them was great. I have been in cloud 9 since Tuesday and only the daily traffic of Lagos have brought me back to earth. Unfortunately, we lost Ramsey to hamstring FC and he will not be back till later in November.

Same night in faraway, the Golden Eaglets had no respect for their hosts as they beat Chile by 5-1. Will they retain the U-17 WorldCup?

Away from the pitch, I believe Arsenal will throw a big party tonight because it is Arsene Wenger’s 66th Birthday. Thank you, Arsene, for your impact in my life. Live on Boss. Can we have Tuesday again?