It is all gloomy around the red half of North London. The brigades are out with the WOBs making the most of the current situation.

Leicester City went 11 points clear of the Gunners and it safer for your heart to let the Premier League title go to the King Power stadium unless you still have that mathematical belief that the Foxes will drop enough points to finish second behind Arsenal. It is good to dream but it will nice to be awake and face reality. The Foxes are grinding out results and have shown they are the best team in the league.

With the FA Cup out from the available trophies this season, the Gunners are left with two almost impossible trophies to avoid going trophy-less this season – the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. You would agree with me that beating Watford last Sunday is much easier than surpassing an 11 points gap in the league or edging Barcelona out of the Champions league.

A trophy-less season beckons – unless you understand Wenger’s Top Four Trophy. It is becoming inevitable. Arsenal will be in the Champions League next season but can they dare the gods tomorrow at the Nou Camp?

Too many times, the Gunners lose easy ties but show grit and determination to draw blood from stronger opponents. Just like Leonidas and his 300 Spartans, drawing blood is not enough. We have scared Bayern in recent years but rued the first leg chances. The last time we visited the Nou Camp, Bendtner nearly had his name forever on the lips of every Catalian and Gooner. Can we dare to dream again?

Can Arsenal beat Barcelona 3-1 at the Nou Camp? Can Arsenal even beat their youth team? The Gunners will need the blessings of Zeus, the winged feet of Persus, the strength of Hercules and the speed of light. How brave can the Gunners be?

For the brave, nothing is impossible – Wenger.


By @AmosCP