*Dust Cobwebs* *coughs*

It’s been long since I posted something here but you know football never ends. News about football continues forever.

The European football season is over with the little matter of the FIFA Confederation Cup ongoing in Russia. A lot of players are on holidays, some are already back – they need to play preliminary UEFA club football games, others are still active – like in Nigeria where the season has about 12 weeks to go excluding the Federation Cup that is yet to begin.

A second string German side is on the verge of winning the FIFA Confederation Cup. They are unbeaten and have qualified for the semifinal and will play Mexico for a place in the Final. The young machines ran over Cameroon 3-1 in their last game. This is the kind of football culture everyone should copy. It is similar to Arsene Wenger using those kids for Carling Cup games.

Portugal will play Chile in the other semifinal. Alexis Sanchez became the all time highest goal scorer for Chile while Ronaldo grabbed the headlines for Portugal. Lionel Messi celebrated his 30th birthday – with 30 trophies. Alien.

VAR is the talk of town and there are various reactions to the application. Some say it takes away the excitement and reduces the authority of the officials making them too dependent on the technology. Others see it as a way to perfection. Wenger wishes that VAR was there in the UCL 2-1 defeat to Barcelona in the final and Van Pierse’s red card at Nou Camp. Oh VAR!! Will it be implemented fully?

In my dear Nigeria, things have not changed – or have they? The epistle of the balls have been swept under the carpet. Those clamouring for the discontinued uae of Uyo have quietened down. Rohr can now breathe but has Cameroon to worry about. I am sure he watched all of their games in Russia.

CHAN is around the corner and I am beginning to be worried about the team to be selected to qualify Nigeria for the tournament. Has anyone seen Salisu? 

The NPFL continues as usual. Although I am still surprised as to how the LMC shifted weekend games due to the season celebration. Isn’t football entertainment? Isn’t public holidays a good time to watch football from the stands?

Oh, let me know when you get the Federation Cup fixtures.

Got to run.

Oh. Lacazette is all over the news but Lyon is Lyon. And Henry (not Thiery) Onyekuru has joined Everton and will be loaned out to Anderlecht. Not Arsenal.

Bye. Off to a Leadership Final.