Following and supporting Arsenal has been part of my life since I started following club football outside the shores of Nigeria. Within this period i have had soft spots for certain players. I have loved them and still love them.

I loved Dennis Bergkamp and was sad when he hung his boots. He was the Flying Dutchman and oiled the team. Thierry Igwe Henry was revered and scored a lot of great goals for the Gunners. He was a source of ecstatic moment but he left. It was sad.

There was Pires. Not playing all of that 2006 Champions League must have hurt him so much. He left but is back within the fold.

I loved the quartet of Fabregas, Hleb, Flamini and Rosicky. They were a delight to watch but one after the other they left the team. Fabregas joined his “boyhood” club – Barcelona. Hleb said London was wet, joined Barcelona, won laurels and never returned to the grace of football.

Flamini was an animal in the last season of his first contract. I loved his agility and how he could fit any where on the pitch. He left for free. He gave his diminishing best when he returned but age caught up with him.

Rosicky is my best Arsenal player but injuries took his shine away. Silky and quick, the Little Mozart loves sliding tackles and scoring against Spurs. When he couldn’t extend his contract it was understandable. I wanted him to retire at Arsenal but he loves to play. How much the club loves him.

I have had soft spots for Francis Coquelin and Keiran Gibbs since they featured in the league cup. Coquelin has had his ups and down but it seems Gibbs’ watch is over.

There was Robin Van Pierse. How much I wanted him to break Henry’s goal scoring record at Arsenal but The Little Boy had other plans. RVP scored great goals, many of which are among my best. Remember that 5-3 win at Chelsea.

There was the lord – Lord Bendtner. King of late goals, the aerial emperor in the box, with his unique swag. His sliding goals kept Arsenal in times when injury ravaged Wenger’s side. A thorn to Guardiola’s flesh, he was among the side that won Barcelona 2-1 at the Emirates. His off field activities seem to have overshadowed his contribution on the pitch. I love him still.

Enter Wojciech Szczesny. He recently joined Juventus and you could see how much he loves Arsenal. A young Pole that displaced Alumina, Fabianski and kept Ospina on the bench. An Arsenal fan and player that has the club at heart.

That Southampton event and the arrival of Cech surprisingly sent him down the pecking order and who doesn’t love first team action. Off he went to Roma and won the Golden Glove in the Italia Serie A.

I was sad seeing him cry when he was asked about Arsenal. I will be happy to see him as Juventus as no1, winning the Serie A and even the Champions League since Arsenal always gets knocked out in the second round. Oh, we are in the Europa League.

Goodbye Woj. You have had bad times but you have exhibited great skills. You have matured and i expected you to return as our no1 but Wenger is sticking with Cech and Ospina.

I think this is better for you than for Arsenal. Enjoy Woj.

Oh. Arsenal lost 3-0 to Chelsea in their last pre-season tour game.