“Supporting a club” lost its right to have my weekends sober, long time ago – be it Arsenal, Enyimba, Wolfsburg, Nottingham Forest or Rosenborg.

Irrespective of the above comment, it is sad that some unfortunate path continue to be unfortunate. Arsenal were thrashed at Anfield.

1. Divided At Heart

What does Chamberlain want? Out? Let him be. A divided heart is no heart. What does Sanchez want? Out? Let him be. A divided heart is no heart.

Ox made his debut in the 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford and rounds off his Arsenal career with a 4-0 loss at Anfield. That’s kinda progress.

Without the heart, you can’t give your all. Arsenal should do the needful. They refuse to learn from past experiences. This is RVP – Nasri all over again.

Please how is Welbeck ahead of Perez at Arsenal? How is the latter packaged to be sold while the former remains?

2. Same Old Story

It seems normal that the last game before the close of the summer transfer window offers Arsenal fans some sort of heartbreak. How do you imagine Sturridge scoring against you? How do Arsenal always get to this stage where key players are in the last year of their contracts?

Same thing all over again.

3. Three at the Back?

When things seem to be heading south towards the end of last season, the switch to back three seemed to have saved Arsenal. Opta has it that Arsenal conceded 0.63 goals per game with a back three as against ~1.2 with a back four. This season, Arsenal have conceded 8 goals in three matches already.

Who best suits a back three? Holding and Monreal? Are we heading for another defensive crises? Koscienly returned but it didn’t fix anything. And how does Holding – benched by Chambers in the U21 – bench Mustafi at Anfield? How is Mustafi heading for Italy? The back is slipping off and Arsenal have to fix the back ASAP.

All of this didn’t matter because I ate a home made cake by my sister in celebration of my Niece’s birthday. Happy birthday Soteria.

And yes, Enyimba won 4-0. That was the kind of 4-0 I needed.

Run along. The international break is next.