There was nothing like managers refusing to shake hands or a show of one team getting wiped 6-0 on any kind of anniversary. It was a game of high intensity – a good publicity for the Premier League.

It was not a tale of a boring 0-0 draw characterized by one team wanting to play and the other just sitting back. It was game set on course within the first 12 minutes and never changed direction till the whistle ended.

It was surprising to see Lacazette in the starting line up but it was a bigger surprise at the errors that led to United’s first 2 goals. Koscienly’s pass couldn’t get to Kolasinac, Valencia drilled in under Cech for the opener. It is just 1-0 after 5 minutes, no fuss.

Mustafi had the world to pass the ball away but he chose to toy around. Easily stolen by Lingard, Lukaku say Martial through who turned Koscienly out for Lingard to finish off what he started. Mustafi couldn’t continue – some say it was due to shame but Wenger says he doesn’t know. He wobbled off, apparently injured. 2-0 at the task looked harder.

A goal in the first half could have signaled a desire to turn the game around but the Arsenal goal came within 4 minutes of the restart – Sanchez to Ramsey to Lacazette. That was all from Arsenal. De Gea kept the rest out. Lukaku even offered to help with an own goal but De Gea was having none of that.

In the midst of Arsenal’s effort to bring down the walls of United and the De Gea gate, the Red Devils made it a throng stab – a third goal that almost guarantees victory. How Pogba was able to out-muscle Koscielny is embarrassing. Very poor from the Arsenal captain of the day. Very poor.

Pogba took an early shower for his challenge on Bellerin but the Gunners failed to capitalize. Welbeck was hacked down but as added time staggered to the finish line, you could see that the Gunners shot themselves. This is Arsenal’s story on steady replay. You can catch up stats from Arseblog and see full match report from Arsenal. It was not the result Gooners expected.

Down to 5th, thanks to Watford’s 1-1 draw to Spurs, the Gunners can lick their wounds before the trip to Southampton. For now we can take solace in the Thursday night dead rubber against BATE Borisov.