It was 10am (GMT-6) and two events of interest to me were about to happen simultaneously. One was 6 meters away while the other was over 6000 miles away in Volgograd. One was within my circle of influence while the other was a matter of hope, beyond any of my input.

After the 2-0 opening loss to Croatia, the Super Eagles had to defeat Iceland to have any chance reaching the knock out stage of the World Cup.

The World Cup is the Creme de la Creme of football and every player hope to feature in it. Some don’t just feature, they make a mark. Ahmed Musa remade a mark against the Kings in the North.

I was sad I wasn’t the game because I was on duty but Musa broke the northern ice to melt the hearts of the Sons. I was more worried about Iceland before the World Cup but the Eagles flew over them while they froze.

Frozen out of the Leicester City team, Musa sort redemption back in Russia – tapping into the World Cup 6 month before. He was stripped of his jersey #7 at Leicester and many Nigerians didn’t want to see him in the Super Eagles. Yet with the opportunity, he chose to fly.

Scoring those beautiful goals against Iceland brought untold happiness across the nation such that even the deaf knew Ahmed Musa. A beautiful half volley for the 1st and a great solo for the 2nd – what was Iheanacho expecting?

We would face challenges in life but we have to fly above them. Don’t freeze. Activate the vibranium in you.

Tonight we battle against Argentina who look to have frozen out of the tournament. Will Musa fly over Messi? Can Nigeria secure their 1st ever competitive win over Argentina?

Freeze or Fly, Super Eagles.