Day #5

The night before was eventful with chants of “It’s coming home” diminished to mere murmurs or inverted in mockery by Croats or supporters to “They’re going home”.

I slept. Yes, I slept. The jubilation was draining. The excitement went deep into the night and the tales were new whenever it was retold. I was tired. I slept.

I woke up by 4pm local time and had “breakfast”. I couldn’t locate the laundry service in my hotel. I was disappointed with the explanation of the hotel admin. Sad.

I was indoors yesterday except when I went to mark my attendance at the KFC down the main street. In doing so, I wore a pair of shorts and a pair of sandals. Can you believe that? Enjoying the summer in Moscow. It was 8pm and it was not cold.

I had hot-dog, chicken wings, chips and a cup of ice-cream for dinner from KFC before getting some fruits from a nearby super market.

Today, I plan to see Fisayo at the Red Square, again. Let us see how it goes.