After Arsenal’s 3-0 loss to Aston Villa I began to imagine how I would sneak into the office in the morning, avoid all football discussions and face my work with no interference.

It was a bad result – an anticlimax to the victory at Old Trafford. More importantly it was a poor display by Arteta’s Gunners. It could have been 5-0 or worse if not VAR in the early minutes and a save from Leno.

It was Martinez’s first visit to the Emirates since he left the Gunners and he was not tested. Villa’s defenders were on holiday, following Twitter reactions to the US Elections.

They were chilling. Lacazette & Willian didn’t bother them. Neither did Nketiah & Pepe, the replacements. Arsenal had no creativity to disturb Villa. They had more passes but most were sideways and backwards. No penetrative action.

Willian made 27 completed passes – 25 of which were backwards. Lacazette made only 6 completed passes – including 2 from kickoff. Poor. Very poor.

Arsenal’s XI in the box for Villa’s opener

Arsenal’s full squad were in box when Villa scored first. How? Ollie Watkins was enjoying himself, always better than Arsenal’s centre halves. He completed Villa’s counter attacks.

This is frustrating to watch and Arteta has refused to learn. What manner of stubbornness is this? This is not the Arsenal way nor a progressive way.

The 2 weeks international break offers Arteta an opportunity to get his team selection and tactics right. I am not sure anyone is enjoying Aubameyang wasted on the left.

I was able to get to my desk in the office but couldn’t escape the query of Arsenal’s performance. The day relatively went better and I hope the interlude will provide an opportunity to forget this game.