Arsenal finished 2nd in their UEFA Champions League group after losing 2-1 to Olympiacos as Schalke 04 held Montpellier 1-1 in France. Rosicky’s superb goal was cancelled out with 2 goals in 10 2nd half minutes. Arsenal winless streak continues but what was learnt in the land of Socrates?

The Catalyst?
The Catalyst?
  1. Rosicky may be the catalyst we have lacked: His twists, turns, passes, bursts of pace and that goal are characteristic of the Czech international. He alone played with his heart and head. He put in a MOTM performance in his first start of the season. His return last season sparked the gunners’ comeback to 3rd position. He may do so this season.
  2. Chamakh and Gervinho were dismal: save the assist to Rosicky, Gervinho was his usual annoying self. A simple pass would have been great in many situations but he just dilly-dallies and dribbles to a brick wall. Chamakh was worse. Nothing went right for the Moroccan. He is a goner.
  3. Szczensy could save us this season: though he has managed just 2 clean sheets this season, he has made a lot of saves in the last 3 games to keep the scorelines respectable.I pray his over-confidence doesn’t backfire.
  4. The team is lacking spirit: there was no urgency to get level after Olympiacos took the Lead. The Players were content with just being on the pitch. There was neither a drive to kill the game with our chances. It was a half-hearted display from a psedo-2nd string team.
  5. Chamberlain isn’t living up to expectation: he might be 19 but arsenal isn’t a youth championship side. He has been below par this season and I didn’t notice him on Tuesday night. Is he being overhyped or are we being impatient? Ramsey and Coquelin are in the same ship.

It is unfortunate that the prof lost on this milestone day. 150 UEFA Champions League game is a feat only few managers have surpasses. Wenger fielded Arsenal’s 811th player,Jernade Meade, in the gunners’ history.

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