I have sat in front of my PC for over 48 hours not knowing how to start this post after that Kazim-Richards punch that sucked Arsenal out of the FA cup into the obscurity of finishing the season without any trophy. I am still yet to agree to the reality of our exit.

Burnt and out
Burnt and out

We had been dumped by Bradford last year in the Capital One cup and that seemed to be our lowest point until the emirate Blackburn affair. In one season, the coach that is renowned for not loosing to lower league opposition in his arsenal career lost to two clubs to knock him off. We won the match only on corners, possession and shots at goal.

Wenger’s African best player at the just concluded African Cup of Nations, Gervinho, proved the gaffer wrong. He drew bylines, tormented defenders, outpaced many but failed in the most important task: putting the ball in the net. It is still shocking to see how he wasted Rosicky’s well timed through pass. No wonder Nigeria ran away champions in the quarter final against Cote d’Ivoire in the AFCON 2013.

I feel for Rosicky who gave his all but his teammates wouldn’t convert. His shot that rattled the bar wasn’t fair for the little Mozart. The ox puffed and ran out of ideas with no real bite. Diaby made us eleven, Giroud was on holidays. Even the super trio subbed in couldn’t salvage a goal. Dean was his usually self, continuing in his record of making Arsenal lose.

Is there any hope of any trophy this season? The last trophy we lifted was in 2005 against the Red Devils in the FA cup and that was the only hope for silver ware left that time. Behold we are in the same cauldron but at an earlier stage. We have no hope in the premier league; the cups are gone, except one: The UEFA Champions League.

I always do believe that the slimmest of hopes is the greatest of hopes. Can we overcome the Bavarian army of Germany? Even if we do, do we have the onus to go past PSG, Real Madrid, United or even Barcelona? Chelsea might have done that last season, but the probability for the gunners is very very slim.

Can we win a trophy in this generation? The hopes are dwindling and the club is settling in mediocrity. Worse still, Wenger is said to extend his contract!! Hasn’t he lost the steering?

Can Arsenal make us happy again? We have been burnt and we are out.

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