“I have been constrained to a remote use of the internet and cable TV, thus my slow and pix-less update” “but I didn’t miss the fun”

Racing through the dusty road of a downtown suburb of Africa, I couldn’t meet the first half of the proposed Munich Miracle for reasons best envisioned by me and my God. The Arsenal were on the threshold of being massacred at the Allianz Arena or turning the tide in their favour.

The sound of GOOOOAAAALLLL shrilled the atmosphere as my earphone stuck to my ear vibrated with the excitement from the live pseudo-broadcast from a radio station via my phone cum radio. Giroud had tucked in Arsenal’s opener within 4 minutes, just as he had recommended Arsenal should do.

My adrenaline pumped and the glucagon in my liver were converted to glucose in rate that any design chemical engineer would envy as I dashed to an Arsenal viewing center to watch with my favourite gooners. I had hopes of Arsenal coming tops at the Mission Impossible in Germany.

Unable to view the first half, I settled for the second in a comfortable seat. There was urgency in the purple shirted gunners and the Bavarians were shaken and were becoming increasingly nervous. The both teams committed unforced errors and couldn’t keep or use the ball well.

My best arsenal defender squeezed in a tenacious header past Neuer and the contest became hot. The ecstasy in the center grew in bounds but the hope dwindled when the time remaining was a little over 5 minutes. The goal came a little too late as the Bavarians wasted time till the shrill of the whistle ended Arsenal’s 2012/13 Champions League campaign.

down with pride
down with pride

They said we broke Bayern’s unbeaten home streak, we kept a clean sheet shattering Bayern’s 44 match scoring run. We left with pride but we are out of the Champions League leaking our wounds from the first leg. The last two seasons have been the same: losing 4-3 on aggregate to Barcelona and AC Milan. Milan’s 3-0 emirate seems like yesterday as we needed just one goal. We have been hurt by the away goal, no thanks to the third goal scored by the Bavarians at the emirates.

Phew, the adrenaline has subsided and my system is back to stability with reality staring at me. There is nothing to fight for except the Wenger Trophy- top 4 finish. We have 10 matches to go starting with Capital One champions Swansea. I hope we replicate the Munich character in the remaining 10 games.

We kept our first and last clean sheet of this UCL and kudos must be given to Lukasz “Flying Fab” Fabianski. He last kept goal 13 months ago and he kept a clean sheet in Munich denying Robben and his gang. Koscienly was strong keeping Vermaleen drooling and jogging on the side lines. Per metercepted, Jenkenson stood his ground and Gibbs returned.

A plate of pepper soup and a heaven of eba with ofe olugbo silenced the kingdom in my stomach as I listened to the radio to get popular opinions and responses. I slept off with an arsenal pride hoping we don’t self destruct again with Muchi around the corner.

Chelsea and spurs progressed to the quarterfinals of the Europa League. I hope we take full advantage of their congested fixtures. Arsenal For Life.

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