Immediately after the end of the 2012/13 season, Ivan Gazidis came up and proclaimed a new dawn as regards the availability of funds and immense drive to acquire top players to Arsenal. How the gooners worldwide drooled about the prospect of big names coming to the club and went about day dreaming of a quadruple and maybe quintiple.

Several months later, The Arsenal are yet to purchase any reasonable siging that would benefit the club for the coming season. They have only purchased a young frenchman as usual that have not played top flight football: Yaya Sanago. I asked after the signing what next?

Prio to the official beginning of the season on the 1st of July, we were linked with every tom dick and harry. Jovetic seemed a done deal until Juventus were said to usurp the deal only for the press to release that the mentonegro striker had join Manchester City.

With the relegation of QPR, Julio Ceaser seemed to have been destined to stay in London and move to the emirates and continue the topflight football. Football bets relating to the arrival of Brazilian Julio Ceasar were stopped with rumours having it that he had reached an agreement. the announcement was imminent after the Confederations cup but…. Napoli roared its head and put up a bid. Now the rumours are that Ceasar needs confirmed first team fotbal and may remain in QPR and forget moving to Arsenal or Napoli. is Szczesny grinning?

Ashley Williams was due to add strenght to the guners defense but i wonder if Arsenal have even asked about him. Fellani’s clause was meant to have been triggered only for the eggs to be splashed on the fans face. what is happening to our transfers? Everton needs money, Swansea would sell, would Arsenal bid?

Then came Higuain. Linked due to his limited opportunities at Madrid and seemed happy to have first team football in Arsenal. Rumoured to have used a snail to cross the Iberian desert to London and maybe starnded in an airport, Higuan has yet to arrive. Every other day his relatives would brace the media and say he would sign in two days time, only for the two days to be indefinite. did they mean 2 years?

While the world think that we have finally gotten Higuan, Madrid decided to seemingly go greedy, Napoli added pepper to our underlying injury by throwing in a bid and I hear Mourinho has started his antics by bidding for the player he coached at his relatively failed bernabeu career. The uncertainty has increased over the acquisation of Higuan the Argentine. I wonder if we can go for the most popular argentine in the world since we claim we have the funds.

The sub for Higuan became Suarez and Liverpool turned the screw. from a £30m bid to a £35m bid, the reds refused to sell. and while rummaged on Wenger’s psedo-discus with Ivan Gazidis, the bid flew up to £40m matching Liverpools demand. all of a sudden, Liverpool say he is worth £55m!! They must be high on some cheap syrup.

In as much i see Suarez as a great player, £55m is insane. I dont just understand what the Arsenal board and bidders have in mind. we have been tossed left to right by the transfer wind and yet we are yet to catch a big fish.

Was Ivan wrong in saying we have the funds? is our trophilessness scaring potential transfer? are we bidding right? Are we satisfied with the gunners we have? What is wrong with Arsenal?

The transfer isnt different from others. Nothing has changed. I wont be surprised wenger would return the warchest untouched.

I would only look forward to the beginnign of the season against Aston Villa, I would enjoy the Asia Tour and Emirates Cup, I would hope for clean bill of health for the available gunners and hope for the better.

Finnaly, I feel sad for Vilanova. it is Vilan Over for Tito.

see you in Japan.

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