By this time last year, we were bemoaning the loss of our prolific striker and his assister-in-chief. We were gnashing our teeth as to how we let Robin Van Pierse, our top goal scorer the previous season; leave the Emirates to fortress our rivals in the league. We were in surprise and sad mood as we see Alex Song disappear from the Ashburton groove to the Nou Camp.

We had acquired the services of the trio of Podolski, Giroud and Santi Cazorla, but the departure of the above mentioned duo was a blow too heavy to bear.

Did I say we? I meant Arsenal. I meant Wenger, Gazidis and co who allowed such transactions for so called football reasons.

Fastforward to today being the eve of the 2013/2014 English Premier League season, we are almost in the same shit. We haven’t lost any player (no disrespect to the deadwoods cleared) but we have failed to acquire players as well (forget Yaya).

How the gooners worldwide had wished for some signings before tomorrow becomes today. How much we have been taunted with many big names only to see them snatched from our noses. I have always disliked the pre-season activities, excluding the matches, because the just offer hopes that aren’t real.

The season may have started but we still have till September 2nd to acquire players that will help forge for the titles that have so much eluded us. We have been hurt by our inability to win trophies and enough is enough.

So the D-day has arrived, Walcott looks sharp, Giroud clinical, Koscienly bossy and the team looks in high spirit especially after that 3-1 win over Manchester City. Goonerdaily had previewed arsenal’s whole season while various other blogs have taken a look at the season from a broader view.

Can we win the League?
Can we win the League?

Reality beacons: Aston Villa at the Emirates

Arsène Wenger’s side welcome Aston Villa to Emirates Stadium for the first Premier League game of the season on Saturday. Aston Villa struggled during Paul Lambert’s first season as manager but, they gave Arsenal a couple of very strong tests last season, with a goalless draw at Villa Park followed by a narrow 2-1 defeat at the Emirates, thanks to two Santi Cazorla goals. Arsenal would need to look out for Christain Benteke. The Belgian was bad last season. But I believe Kos D’boss would pocket him

I see a simple victory for the gunners, irrespective of Arteta’s absence. I don’t want to tinker Wenger’s team for him but a 3-0 win would be appreciated with Giroud scoring all three.

I have always liked the first days of the season. My best being that 6-1 win over Everton in 2009/10 season at Goodison park. An outside shot from Denilson, a debut goal from Vermaleen, a goal from Gallas, a double from Fabregas and the last from Eduardo, his first after his injuries.

So, let me go home and ponder on The million dollar question: can we win the Premier League?

Today was stressful



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