**dust cobwebs** **with a nose mask and long broom**

After so many thoughts of putting my write-ups on the internet i took the bulls by the horn on the 18th of September 2012 to join the wordpress.com family and blog away about a club i have loved since i knew football other than National teams and the Nigerian Premier League.

One year of Blogging
One year of Blogging

The idea of running a blog had been nursed for over a year before September 2012. I had fallen in love with goonerdaily and loved to see goonerdave’s One Nil Down Two One Up. I enjoyed the views of my great FUTO Chemical Engineering colleague and friend, Toni Okike on his blog and longed to express my unique views on a platform like that. I have always loved to write things down and make up an article as it concerns me or as i view it.

Blogging hasn’t been easy for me. I have been restricted by unavailability of gadgets and secured connections but that has never taken away the love to write ARSENAL or football at large especially NIGERIA. The situation at the emirates should have killed the desire to write about arsenal but it has had little impact in my blog-dom.

I try to be objective as ever but wouldn’t mind being too optimistic and biased towards arsenal. I believe all is possible, winning the Quadruple and… even signing Messi. I had played out my real life experiences in watching the gunners and shear excitement in other football teams that catches my delight.

After 366 days of blogging as at 9:08pm GMT+1, the blog has recorded 5584 views from 111 posts averaging just over 50 views per day with 280 views being the highest ever on May 25, 2013. Over 7 posts have recorded over 100 views with “Dear Kos D’boss – A Fan’s Eulogic Open Letter to Laurent Koscielny” being the greatest post on this blog garnering 635 views. have you checked the awards from this blog?

on twitter, we are followed by over 200 people @soccergunz and personally @amoscp. we also have a page on facebook

The following referrers have played a lot of part in the popularity of this blog: goonerdaily, justarsenalblogs.com, yourdailyarsenal.com, goonersphere, twitter followers, facebook, the search engines and many more. I really appreciate their efforts and pray they keep it up.

In all, I can’s stop blogging about football. I can’t stop talking about Arsenal and Nigeria.

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