Colombia left Brazil with their tears cleaning the dusts on the streets of Brazil and overflowing the rivers in South America causing flood. James Rodriguez cried his eyes out but David Luiz was there to console him. With hands beating chests, Brazil worked their socks into the Semi final with some extra controversial decisions from the ref, although losing Star man Neymar to an injury.

Brazil would wake up to know that Neymar would be out of the world cup no thanks to the injury against Colombia. The Samba nation could feel how difficult their semifianl game against Germany will be. With Thiago Silva out due to suspension, the Samba boys would face the yet-to-perform Germans.

Overhyped and overrated, Brazil faced Germany without defense Lord Thiago and accelerator cum star man Neymar and they were blown away. Tears left, right and center as Muller, Kross, Klose et all ran riot over the yellow-shirted South Americans. The host were like the biblical phrase: “…scattered like sheep without shepherd…”

After using all available energy to sing their beloved national anthem, Brazil had no strength to face the Germans. The Back four lacked discipline and could not keep the Germans at bay. Muller opened scoring in the 1th minute and the Brazilians marshaled by captain Luiz went on rampage, head-on to their fall. The dream was still on but in a space of 6 minutes, there was no dream but reality check and the greatest nightmare. Klose got his 16th World Cuo goal on the 23rd before Krose got a brace in 2 minutes (24th and 26th minutes). Khedira will worsen matters for the Selecao as he scored in the 29th minute.

Muller Baby… Learning from Klose

5-0 First half. Brazil may have contacted FIFA to have the second half cancelled but Scolari’s plea may have fallen on deaf ears. But the Germans will slow down their guns so as not to humiliate the Brazilians especially in a stadium where they have never lost, Belo Horinzonte. Seeing so many Brazilians in tears, the Germans had a change of heart and added just 2 more goals in the 2nd half. Schurrle came in from the bench to get his brace. Ozil even missed a sitter. Oh Brazil, this is hell. Oscar would save some face for the host with a late goal.

Total Highest Goal Scorer in the World Cups

Everyone cried, the rich, the poor, the coach, the players, the workers on strike, the fans, the politicians and even the president. Tears in Brazil but Joy in Berlin. The Germans just clicked and the Brazilians were in pieces. For the neutrals, it was a great match and so many were happy to have Germany in the final.

In the other semifinal, Argentina won the Netherlands 4-2 on penalties after 120 minutes of goalless affair after Romero stopped two Oranje spot kicks. None of Messi, Higuain, Robben or Van Pierse could get a goal. Robben came closest but Mescharano was on hand to save the shot from being on target.

Luis Van Gaal couldn’t call on his heroic Tim Krul to save him some penalties, he had used up all his subs and Cillessen could not save the Dutch. They would have to battle out 3rd place with injured Brazil.

Finally, the World Cup is coming to an end. It is Germany versus Argentina in the Final. who wins? I pray the Germans take it. Not just for the Arsenal contingent sake, but because they are the best team in the tournament.