Arsene Wenger walked into that Cathedral in the North London with a heavy heart and a pitiful face, shoulders beaten and countenance worried. He had walked pass Jose as they opted to go diving on a December sunday. He shook his head as Mourinho absolved Cahill of any blemish following his heroics against Hull.

Wenger came in with his thanksgiving offering following Cazorla’s birthday brace and Giroud’s brace despite fielding the “makeshift-est” defence in recent time. He walked through to the Altar and dropped his offering.

It has been ages since he attended a church service but today was special, he needed help. His white hair were becoming transparent. And the Champions League draw was to be in 24hrs. He felt unholy to sit in the 1st row but was comfortable with the 4th pew.

During the prayer session, Wenger asked for forgiveness for failing to replace Vermaelen. He seeked help against injury and prayed for his beloved Diaby. He asked for a sign and Lord Bendtner appeared to minister to him leading him through his Monaco days when he puffed Cigar on the bench.

Wenger was revived off his trance as the service ended. He left church but had a good laugh at Rodgers who was rolling from the east end to the west possesed of some Lovrenic spirit snd other legion.

When the draws came out, Wenger liftes his hands acknowledging the Monaco trance he had a day before. Arsenal was to face Monaco while Borussia Dortmund will travel to Turin to face Juventus. Chelsea have PSG while Basel have Porto.

If Arsenal was told to throw away a 3-0 lead to face Monaco, those unbelievers on the train station would have rejoiced. we would never understand the will of the gods of football.

Whether he sold his scrotum as speculated by a crazy dude in goonerdaily’s bbm group or his prayers were answered by the gods of football, Arsenal will be excited to have avoided Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Welcome Monaco. We have no excuse. February looks far.