There are always two or even three sides to a story. The sweet and the sour and maybe the indifferent. Soccergunz sought the opinion of some Nigerian Gunners as to the moments they wished never happened in 2014. So let’s open those wounds one more time.

For me:

Losing to United at their shitty moments

5-1 loss to Liverpool. 4 goals conceded in the first 20 minutes. Chai.

Failure to get a CB in the Summer

Eric @Daviruz, Facility Engineer, Port Harcourt

5-1 drubbing of Liverpool

2-1 lose to shitty United (still bitter)

3-2 loss to stoke City (still in shock)

Wilson Dike, @wheelsindk Lagos

6-0 loss to Chelsea

1-0 loss to Moyes United

2-1 loss to Van Gaal’s United at the Emirates

Arsene Wenger admits he is still scarred by Arsenal's 5-1 defeat against Liverpool last season

Muhammad Idajili,  Maraba

Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

Victor Obinna @Obitwyce, Materials Engineer, Sheffield

3-0 down to Liverpool in 18 mins. That is how horrible i felt that day. i can’t even bring myself to see the footage from the game. Absolutely ridiculous

Losing to United. *Vomits*

The 6-0 Chelsea drubbing.

Toni Okike @enigma106, Process Engineer, Lagos

Losing to Jose Moaninghoe. The day we win this guy, i might just host a house party.

The pathetic away displays. Arsenal raked in clean sheets at the Emirates and put up dominant performances but away from home, there were some torrid displays. There’s no point stating the individual games.

Femi @femi4arsenal

“Terrific start from Hull and the cross comes in and they might have another! they do have another one!!! Curtis Davies the other central defender!!!” Arsenal down by 2-0 in the FA Cup Final

So majority of the fans still lick their wounds from the 5-1 drubbing at Anfield, Others hate to see that we lost to United twice in their shitty moments. So what of you? What was your worst moment of 2014?

Watch out for the sweet side.


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