Two second half goals from Harry Kane doomed Arsenal to their first defeat in ages.

I have been unable to get a good way to start this post after numerous attempts. The bitterness from White Hart Lane still abuses my taste for even sweeteners.

Arsenal set up like they did at the Etihad at invited pressure from Spurs. But they were outdone by two goals from Harry sugar Kane. Two well taken goals left Arsenal as blank as losing at Stoke. Ozil had given the gunners the lead, thanks to Welbeck’s pace and Giroud’s pseudo-shot.

Arsenal sat deep, inviting pressure from Spurs. They managed to keep Harry Kane and his gang at bay in the first half with so many gung-ho style of defending. Against the run of play the gunners took the lead in the 11th minute.

Ospina had a moment with the medic but the sight of Szczesny jogging on the touchline was a pain reliever as the Colombian jumped to his feet. The goalie would spill out shots from Rose et al but was lucky in the first half that no white shirt was quick enough to have a good rebound.

The second half lasted just 11 minutes before Kane grabbed the equalizer. Ospina flew in the sky, punched the ball away but it fell kindly to Harry Kane who smashed the net to the delight of Spurs fans, his first North London Derby game, his first North London goal.

The pressure continued to mount and it paid up few minutes from the end of the game as Harry Kane rose higher than Koscienly to head home with Ospina rooted to the ground watching the ball rolling out of the net. He finally has been beaten in the Premier League.

A late push from Arsenal was aimless and toothless with Walcott doing little and Akpom not even touching the ball.

My Top Five: Ospina’s clean sheet gone, Gung-ho defending, Loose passes and ball retention, Kane-d and Less attack attempted.

Down to earth, the gunners were brought. A reality check before we welcome Leicester City. Momentum dropped but hopefully not lost.
The loss was painful for me but seeing Atletico Madrid sending Real Madrid to the cleaners was a great.
Enjoy your weekend.