Arsenal had two London games in the last 7 days: A narrow nail-biting win away at Selhurst Park in a game that the gunners could have grabbed more goals before the Eagles made Arsene sit on the edge of his seat. 2-1 it ended despite having 3 center backs and 3 full backs at the end of the game. Lucky to have returned to Ashburton Grove with 3 points.

The other game was at the Emirates that had nothing to do with points but the 1st leg of a two-legged knockout game in the glorious UEFA Champions league.

While we glorried in the Selhurst escape, the media wanked at the possibility of Arsenal going one step further than previous years, especially after finishing 2nd in the group. Every gooner heaved a sigh of relief when Arsenal were billed to play a French team.

No one talked about Monaco’s tight defence but many emphasised on the number of goals they had scored in 6 group games: 4. The English press and the deep-lover-cum-surface-critics dreamt of an Arsenal appearance in the final. Unfortunately, you can’t make Omelette without breaking the egg.

Arsenal’s twitter romance with Monaco ended in shameful display at the Emirates. I had read canoncrested’s UCL post and hummed the anthem in anticipation before going ahead to predict a 2-0 victory for Wenger’s army.

Just when you think, the team is beginning to gel, Arsenal always have away to let the fans down. The love for the self-destruct button is so legendary in Arsenal’s recent history. The barren years may have been subdued by the FA cup victory but the UCL voodoo remains real. Belleti and Eto’o will continue to haunt Arsene and Arsenal till they bring the trophy to Ashburton Grove.

So we got the best draw but had the worst result for the 1st legs. We had the more simpler task but will now take the hard and long way of turning a 3-1 home defeat in Monaco.

Everything went wrong against Monaco. Monreal’s omission raised eyebrows but many agreed it was for Monaco’s pacey full backs. Metersacker had a cup of Silvester juice mixed with a soured Senderos-a-la-Drogba drink, putting up a great display for all to applaud in Sarcasm.

Gibbs lost the ball easily but the gunners conceded 3 goals from 3 lost balls thanks to Welbeck, Alexis and Chamberlain. Ospina didn’t help matters as he danced to Metersacker’s deflection like a DJ in a Nigerian club. He was like thin air for Berbatov’s goal and the 3rd was just there, too short to strech. Can we have Szczesny back? I think we may have had enough of this Oooooospina. Would Szczesny had performed better?

Upfront Ozil couldn’t trap the ball, Alexis Sanchez could give a simple pass after lingering on the ball for so long, Coquelin got a quick yellow, Cazorla ran into a mob, Welbeck ignited his red-devil-ness and Giroud had a hattrick of misses. A striker in form indeed.

Arsenal is just too predictable except for Wenger’s zippers and the exact method of self destruction. Enough of all this “mental strenght” crap and “Angriest Wenger”. How often does Wenger need to give the hair dryer treatment? How often is he going to shut the dressing room doors to ecpress his vexation?

The sour taste of the defeat still lingers on my tastebuds. An Everton bashing may help the taste. But i hear we have not won any of our last 5 premier league against Everton. I need to verify that but i am too hurt to care now.

The gunners may take solace in City’s defeat, Liverpool’s penalty loss and Spurs dead Europa end (where was Kane), but we must live above such mediocrity.

3 points is a must on Sunday. It is time to change timezone.