Football is turning to a kind of religion. Away from the shores of the continent, 25 minutes off the shelf on a Chopper, the spirit still lives on miles away from the away and even further away from the match venues.

Over the weekend Arsenal took all three points from Selhurst Park against a spirited Crystal Palace side fuelled by Alan Pardew’s gasoline. Giroud opening scoring in the 16th minute after a beauty of a cross from Ozil with his great owl-y eyes. The Eagles equalized 12 minutes later before Sanchez forced Delaney to an own goal in the 2nd half. The victory will serve as a springboard to the season.

The result was a kind of revival after the surprise 2-0 defeat on the opening day. Ozil was my man of the match as he coordinated the attack with so much beauty and grace spiced up with intelligent runs and passes that many eyes can not see until it is achieved.

He’s a great player to watch, isn’t he? Like a dye, seeping into the cracks, filling the gaps, making them his own. Picking out the pass you didn’t even spot on Sky Plus. Drifting, moving, teasing, toying: always present but never there. This was a wonderful showing from Özil, and had we not become somewhat accustomed to his peculiarly tangential genius by now, he would surely have been the man of the match. – The Telegraph

The equalizer calls for a lot of questions. Yes Koscienly shrinked away but Cech seem to just lie down in green pastures. I had the belief that Cech will give us 10 points but it seems it may be negative points. His handling of some balls lacked confidence and i must say i am worried that He is not what we think he is. Ospina may be rubbing his palms hopping to be called upon. Szczesny will be grinning seeing that such “higher” profile goalie have been as vulnerable – if not more – than he is/was.

That don’t tell me that crap of saying he is an Agent from Mourinho to destroy. But Cech must live up to his 10 million pounds billing. Does he need a new hat to get him better?

Coquelin was lucky to finish the game. A red card was looming. I was beginning to wonder how Arsenal will cope without him. Yes there is Arteta but Coquelin is of another dimension and calling. His philosophy is different – not Van Gaal’s fake philosophy.

Talking of fake things, Mourinho added another excuse to his guinness book of excusses after Manchester City whipped Chelsea at the Etihad. Hidden Hazard recently compared to Ronaldo was no where to be found as Aguero and City ran away winners. Last week he blamed Eva and the Medical crew, this time he says the result is fake. Next week he may blame the cooking staff, the grounds man, the wind, the sun, his wristwatch or even his gardener. The moaning one is sure being choked up by something he is too shy and proud to say.

Back to Arsenal and other real things, the victory against Crystal Palace should serve as a springboard to other victories to come. A longing for clean sheet is growing and Cech has to achieve that.