And He said, “Let there be silence” and there was a goal.


There comes a time in a football match that there is a loud silence that comes after a major event – mostly a goal, especially a late one. A few may not be associated with a goal but a life or career threatening occurrence like the silence at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium when Ifeanyi Egwim got injured. The referee’s countenance said it all; the Team Manager needed to cover his face to avoid the tears attempting to escape his eyes. The players were pensive and it was like they had seen a ghost.

After then, there was silence.

The Cathedral was electrifying and the vibration was enormous. The injury watered the atmosphere. You could read the worry on everyone’s face including the opposition.

A different shade of silence.

Same day in Jos and Agege, too many things were happening at the same time. Red cards and missed penalty in Agege, it was dicey. A cancelled goal in Jos meant the game was not completed. Some party say Heartland walked out, others say the game was interrupted by the fans. I would believe the former but I am more worried about the relative silence from the LMC.

But then again the NPFL Table and result on the LMC site indicates that the match has been concluded as a 1-1 draw. The fans will love any kind of official memo to the incident especially seeing that it was initially reported as abandoned. For now it is just silence. MFM FC can be merry but Warri is thrown to grave silence. A team that finished 2nd the previous year will now play in the NNL next year.

Repetitive Silence and Stillness.

The last three Federation Cup matches failed to reach 90 minutes with incidents like questionable officiating, teams walking out and fans encroachment all as a result of a goal that was scored or not counted. No official memo yet from the glass house. Nothing from the NFF. Will the silence continue in the next Federation Cup. Can we call it Copa de Silence?

Break the silence.